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The Benefits of Buying New Construction

The benefits of buying new construction ⬇️

New-construction homes come with many advantages that aren’t found in older houses. Here’s a few things of importance to note when making your decision to purchase new vs. resale. 

1️⃣ New homes rarely need repairs/renovations. Oftentimes when purchasing a pre-owned home, the buyer will need to set aside funds to make necessary repairs or upgrades. With a new-construction home, everything is updated and in good working order, so there is little need to allocate additional money above and beyond the purchase price once you’ve moved in, with the exception on window coverings and other personal items. 

2️⃣ Some new-construction homes may be customizable. One of the exciting things about a new-construction versus a pre-existing home is that there is the possibility that you’ll get to make some design decisions to suit your personal tastes depending on when you go under contract in the build process. 

3️⃣ Lower maintenance costs. When you move into a space where everything is new, maintenance costs (and time) should remain at a minimum for at least the first few years. 

4️⃣ Most new-construction homes have warranties. Even when things are new, they may still break down. Fortunately, a new-construction home should have a warranty that will take care of it. Basically, the warranty is your protection from defects in workmanship.

5️⃣ A new-construction home will be up to code.

Building codes are the minimum design and construction requirements to ensure safe and resilient structures. You can be confident knowing that the home has been built to meet the local building code requirements

6️⃣ There may be buyer incentives for financing. 

7️⃣ It will have a more modern floor plan

While older homes might have character or quirky design features, the great thing about a new-construction home is that it will likely reflect the way homeowners live today.

If you’re considering buying new construction in the Skagit Valley or surrounding area, let’s connect. Determining whether it’s a good time to buy will need to be a personalized conversation and there is no one simple answer.

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