HomeownersSellers February 8, 2024

How to increase the value of your house

Curious about how to get more for your home in this market?

#4 is the most important tip.

When it’s time to sell your home, it can be overwhelming to consider what needs to be done.

Here’s the thing — there are SO many ways to improve the presentation (and value) of your home that don’t require a ton of time or money. A lot of times, some of the bigger ticket home improvements don’t even translate to a large increase in your sales price.

01 — Declutter, deep clean and depersonalize.This first recommendation requires almost no money. You want to remove any distractions so that potential buyers can easily envision their life in your home.

02 — Improve the first impressionFirst impressions matter. Spend a Saturday sprucing up your landscaping and exterior. You don’t need to break the bank here. You could repaint or touch up your front door, add flowers to your window boxes, lay fresh mulch.

03 — Create a neutral palette.If you have taste specific wall colors or wall paper, considering painting the interior of your home a neutral color. Contact me for my favorite neutral paint colors.

04 — And most importantly, consider the comps. Study other homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold. How does your home compare? Are there negatives that stand out about your home that you could easily remedy? These types of considerations can help you achieve the price you desire. Remember, every home is unique. You need someone who is an expert in your real estate market to give you a personalized recommendation for what to do to increase the value of your home. I’d be happy to provide a personalized recommendation. Contact me at (360) 420-6807.