Uncategorized February 24, 2024

The Best Indoor Plants for you Health

If houseplants have taken over your interiors, you’re not alone. 🌱 While the greenery brightens up your space, and certainly looks cute, did you know that your indoor plants may be good for your health, too? I’ve been doing some investigating on the subject lately as I’ve never considered myself a green thumb, however, am officially curious.

Did you know?

🪴 Plants improve air, quality, bring beauty into your home and boost, emotional and spiritual well-being, giving you a chance to care for something.

🪴 Plants in your bedroom, could improve your sleep quality. 💤 (I’m all for this)

🪴 Plants in your kitchen, help brighten your space, especially if there’s no window.

While any plant is good for the soul and can benefit your mental health and emotional well-being, here are some top choices that are best for your health (according to the experts):

🪴 Spider Plants – these plants are known to help purify the surrounding air.

🪴 Peace Lily – these plants also flower and are aesthetically pleasing and studies show that peace lilies have air cleaning properties to help remove carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds for the air.

🪴 Snake Plants – this is my favorite kind of plant because they generally “thrive on neglect” 😝 and have been known to remove toxins from the air.

Here are some others as well:

🪴 Ferns 🌱 Pothos 🪴 English Ivy 🌱 Succulents and Cacti 🌵Herbs 🪴 Elephant Ear Plants 🌱 Rubber Plants

So you might be asking how do house plants contribute to good health? 🤔

Along with being aesthetically pleasing, which can boost neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, plants offer immediate benefits by improving mood and stress management. Cool, huh!?!

They can also provide long-term benefits, such as improving air quality which may reduce instances of headaches – or by adding moisture to the air, which helps with dry skin.

Where are my plant people? What else should we know? 🤷‍♀️