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Real estate is one of the best investments to make… why?

Depreciation: An accounting method used to allocate the cost of a tangible or physical asset over it’s useful life.
Things that depreciate: Cars, furniture, tv’s, computer, phones, clothing
Things that don’t: Real Estate
Real estate is one of the best investments to make… why?
→ Scarcity – Land is a finite resource, unlike mass-produced cars, driving up its value as populations grow and urban areas expand. (In my marker area, we are seeing and expect to continue to see this as people move up the I5 corridor due to the explosive growth in part to the Smokey Point/Arlington area and more).
🛠 Real estate can be improved or renovated, enhancing its desirability and market worth over time.
📍Location is crucial. The old adage “location, location, location” speaks volumes. Real estate values are heavily influenced by the desirability of their location—proximity to schools, amenities, transportation, and employment centers.
📈 Real estate serves as an inflation hedge, increasing in value as prices rise.
Furthermore, real estate generates rental income, adding to its overall value, especially in high-demand areas. These are just a few reasons why real estate tend to hold its value much better than other assets. (Sidenote: not to say the depreciating items are a bad thing as I am a good consumer myself, and know we need some of these items, however, I want to make clear which is the better investment in the long run).
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