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SOLD in 13 Days!

SOLD in 13 days!
My clients were referred to me by a trusted local lender who knew that their meticulous nature would need a realtor with patience and expertise. From the moment we met, it was clear they were detail-oriented and approached every decision with careful analysis.
They had a very specific plan: they wanted to buy a new home non-contingent and then sell their current house. This strategy would give them leverage in negotiations and avoid the stress of coordinating two transactions simultaneously.
After discussing their needs and preferences, we set out to find their new home. They had already shortlisted several properties and had detailed notes on each. Over the next 3-4 months we toured several homes where my clients asked insightful questions about the structural integrity, potential for appreciation, and even the neighborhood’s development plans.
In the end, one property stood out to them. They loved it, but true to their nature, they wanted to be thorough. We negotiated a non-contingent offer, confident in their ability to secure financing and knowing their current home would sell quickly and had a comprehensive inspection in which we successfully negotiated.
Once their offer was accepted, we turned our attention to selling their existing home and made a list of “to do’s” so that their home would be in prime condition for the market. This included professional cleaning of the home and floor surfaces, home staging and professional photography & videography. They provided me with a detailed list of upgrades and improvements they had made over the years which we shared in marketing the home. We priced the house competitively and marketed it effectively selling it in just 13 days on the market.
The entire process went smoothly, thanks to thorough preparation and clear communication. Thank you Peter & Ashiyah! I was pleasure to both find you a lovely new home and sell your existing home.
Cleaning Services: Cindy Sullivan
Carpet Cleaning: Ace Carpet Cleaning, Anacortes, WA
Home Staging: Sally Zawistowski
Photography & Videography