HomeownersReal EstateSellers June 22, 2024

When A Seller Wants to Buy Their Own Home

Getting a house ready for sale is a lot of work, however, always worth it in the end. For this listing, my client and I initially met up to discuss plans about four months prior to his home going live on the market. We came up with our list of “to do” items. We had a pre-inspection, organized and packaged up items not in use, painted, cleaned home professionally (including carpets), landscaping and interior staging. We were then ready for showtime with our photography day and then to go live!

After we had photos taken of this gorgeous home on the hill in Mount Vernon, my Seller told me that he loved it so that he’d want to buy his own home! If you love older homes that have been beautifully maintained, you don’t want to miss looking at this one. Click here to see why!